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The websites listed below may provide additional information and resources for patients, parents and carers, and for health professionals looking after people with specific blood disorders.

General Patient Information

ICON Cancer Care (formerly known as HOCA)

Bleeding Disorders

Haemophilia Organisations, Information and Patient Support

World Federation of Hemophilia

Haemophilia Foundation Australia

Haemophilia Foundation Queensland

Queensland Haemophilia Centre

Treatment Centre Contact Details




Von Willebrand Disease

A common and often inherited disorder or deficiency of an important clotting protein called von Willebrand Factor (vWF), that is present in the blood and also associated with the platelets and vessel walls.

World Federation of Hemophilia - Von Willebrand Disease

Haemophilia Foundation Australia - Von Willebrand Disease

Women and Bleeding, Heavy Periods or Menorrhagia

World Federation of Hemophilia - Issues for girls and women with VWD

Haemophilia Foundation Australia - Women with Bleeding Disorders

Haemophilia Foundation Australia - HFA Women's Project

Red Cell Disorders


A disorder of the pigment of red blood cells called haemoglobin, that often causes the cells to be smaller than usual, and/or change shape, and in more severe cases, requiring support with transfusions with therapy to prevent iron accumulation.

Patient Information and Support Groups

Thalassaemia Australia

Thalassaemia Australia - Factsheets

Thalassaemia International Federation

Hereditary Spherocytosis

A common inherited disorder of red blood cells due to a deficiency of a cell wall component, that causes the cell to become spherocytic or round in shape, and rupture (haemolyse) more easily.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital - Hereditary Spherocytosis

Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management of Hereditary Spherocytosis (PDF, 623KB)

G-6PD Deficiency

An inherited disorder of red blood cells caused by a deficiency of an enzyme, that causes the red cells to haemolyse (rupture) particularly with certain stressors.

G-6PD Favism Association

Platelet Disorders

Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP)

A low platelet count caused by increased destruction of platelets, the cells that help blood to clot.

ITP Support Australia - What is ITP?